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The Maasdam cheese takes its name .from the Maas River at the Netherlands and its main features are semisoft dough, with relatively big holes and softly tasting like hazelnuts because of the propionics ferments it has got. Ideal for snacks part of the fondue or to go with cold meats and sweets.

Made with pasteurized and standardized milk.

Chemical composition:

  • Humidity 38%
  • Fat 28%
  • Fat in dry extract 45,2%

Standard Microbiologic:

  • Coliforms (30ºc) < 1000 ufc/g
  • Coliforms (45ºc) < 100 ufc/g
  • Staphylococcus Coag. Positive < 100 ufc/g
  • Salmonella spp – absence / 25g
  • Listeria Monocytogenes – absence / 25 g

Condition environmental that the product should be conserved: Temperature of 4ºC.
Period during the which it stays unalterable: Shelf life 6 months.

It's presented in cylindrical shapes of lightly convex faces, with natural plastified rind.
Its measures are 25 cm of diameter and 15 cm of height. Weight about 7 kg. Individually packed in corrugated cartons.