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With a typical Italian taste. It's a Calcar speciality. It's been developed by an Italian cheese master with a long career in this kind of product. Our Parmesano, has been approved by Italian experts who support the features of this cheese. It's made with specially selected milk and ferments imported from Italy. It's ripening process is permanently controlled up to its sale, which is only approved after some strict quality standard tests. It's specially recomended to grate and spice pasta as well for your snacks.

It's a product that becomes a pleasure for adults and children as well.

Made with pasteurized and standardized milk. At the end of its 6 months ripening process in our chambers, the chemical composition of our Parmesano is the following:

  • Humidity .. 34%
  • Fat .. 27%
  • Fat in dry extract .. 41%

Standard Microbiologic:

  • Coliforms (30ºc) < 200 ufc/g
  • Coliforms (45ºc) < 100 ufc/g
  • Staphylococcus Coag. Positive < 100 ufc/g
  • Salmonella spp – absence / 25g

Condition environmental that the product should be conserved: Temperature of 4ºC.
Period during the which it stays unalterable: Shelf life 12 months.

It's presented in shapes of 7,500 kg. with its natural rind carefully smoothened or painted in black. In both cases it is vacuum packed. It's also presented infractions of about 250 or 420 gr. also vacuum packed. The measures of the cheese are: Diameter 25cm Height 15cm
Packed in corrugated carton that contains 2 units each. The total weight per carton is about 15 kg. The fractions are presented the same way.