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UHT Milk Whole or Skimmed Milk (Long Life)

Calcar milk is pure and homogenized without additives or preservers. Its flavor is special, different from other milks.
As well as our cheese, this product is exported to many countries with very demanding markets.

The preservation of this product is obtained by thermal treatment 142ºC for 3 seconds and inmediately cooled at 18ºC.
It is then aseptically packed in tetra pack of 1 Lt.

  • Free from bacterial contamination
  • No physical or chemical alteration.
  • Cold storage is not necessary for its preservation.
  • Expiration date about 180 days.

Average Composition per liter:

LactosE 45/48 grs.
Proteins 30/32 grs.
Fat 31/33 grs.
Minerals 7/9 grs.

Lactose 45/48 grs.
Proteíns 30/32 grs.
Fat 0,1/0,3 grs.
Minerals 7/9 grs.

  • Presentation: corrugated box x 12 units of 1 lt.
  • Number of boxes per pallet: 1080 cartons x 1 lt / 90 boxes x 12 units.